about us


Stephen and Shauna met in a kissing booth at an art school carnival. After graduating from Cranbrook Academy of Art with MFA's in sculpture and printmaking, this husband and wife team began collaborating by making gifts for friends. Five years later, their creative partnership has developed into multiple brands including Something's Hiding in Here, Forage Haberdashery and Seed House Stationers.

Seed House, like most of Shauna and Stephen's projects happened by accident. While on vacation in Charleston, SC they discovered an old building that was once a true seed house. The two began daydreaming about the name and fell in love with the idea that their handmade tokens of affection could be the seeds of correspondences for others.

The first collection, which can be seen at the National Stationery Show in NYC this May is full of vintage charm mixed with the fresh aesthetic these two are known for. Overflowing with small, delicate and unexpected details - this is not your typical stationery. Like most of their inspiration, you'll have the feeling you just discovered each piece hidden in an old box of your grandparent's treasured mementos.